Interface or Face to Face…Future of Customer Service?

As the summer season wraps up, I look back on some experiences and ask myself if good customer service is a thing of the past or is there hope for the future?

During my travels this summer I experienced some of the best and some of the worst customer service.  Beginning in Orlando, Florida and no I wasn’t there to visit Disney but did make a stop at Downtown Disney.  WOW, Disney and its staff take guest service to a level we all should only hope to reach but may never reach in our own workplace.  But while at another place there in Orlando I was able to experience amazing service one minute from a staff member and then had a less than satisfying experience a few hours later in the same place by a different staff member.

How come every guest doesn’t get the same experience?  Of course Disney is an exclusion to this question because there they make the experience the same for the guest all the time!  Do we have a generation of workers on the front lines that have no idea how to provide guests a positive and memorable experience?  Are we in too big of a hurry to train or give these workers the skills they need to handle our most important guests?

As technology becomes more a part of our everyday life, maybe there will be less and less need to train staff in guest services.  Look at some restaurants that now have little table top ordering devices where you can order your drink, an appetizer and much more.  Heck you can even pay your bill right there!  Now you can get what you want when you want it without having to wait on your server to come back to the table.  Of course a restaurant might like this because they can handle more tables with less staff and they don’t have the cost of training a worker that might not work out or decides to leave and go somewhere else. 

Will customer service in the future be more about an interface than an actual face to face interaction?



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